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The book is finished, it’s with the publishers to get its beautiful cover, and be tidied up ready for its big entrance onto the stage.
“From Good Girl to Free Woman: Why I set up a trade union will be published on Amazon on 29th February 2024. I’m so excited! Get ready for a special launch day discount and lots of launch day extras and bonuses including a live book reading where I’ll share a story not included in the book because it was too hot to publish!

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The Book

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The BookWant to come and celebrate this epic journey with me in person?

Grab a ticket to the book signing party now before we sell out!

The event will be from 6pm to late at a venue in Leicester (to be confirmed) on Thursday 21st March. It is only £15 and includes a welcome drink. All profits go to the fabulous Charity Link.

VIP OFFER: Want to start the partying early? And have an afternoon catching up on all the gossip that was too juicy to put in the book?

We are selling 8 VIP tickets. These will include lunch with me and the team, and an opportunity to just kick back and enjoy each others company. Tickets are £95 and include the evening event, and lunch (all profits going to Charity Link).

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